and life goes on

January 22, 2006

so screwd for exams.. just like everyone else in high school… i dont think that they are a good idea… i mean all they do is stress everyone out… which is why there are sooo many suicides around this time of year.. people can’t handle the pressure… teachers and students make a huge deal of it… I mean… they put it on a seperate date… they give it a special name… (which btw… in itself i think the x scares them… i mean x-ray? …) and they make it extra long… i mean.. why wouldnt kids freak out… i think id be so much easier to just make it a normal class day… just call it a test… and not make a massive deal out of it…please… think of the children

2 Responses to “and life goes on”

  1. Says:

    i agree, but hey, like you said such is life, and the stress part, i agree, cuz lately i haven’t been able to sleep, and i keep having these F-ed dreams and its all related to the exams…

  2. barrira Says:

    Education system seems to have lost it’s real purpose somewhere along the way…

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